Breach of Fiduciary Responsibility Attorney Dallas, TX
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Breach of Fiduciary Responsibility Attorney Dallas, TX

Simply put, when a person has a fiduciary responsibility, they are obligated to act in the best interests of whoever they have that responsibility to. A trustee stated in a Will, for example, has to act and make decisions that would benefit the beneficiary. When they fail to do so, they are failing in their obligation.

In an ideal world, people would do their jobs ethically and to the best of their ability. Unfortunately, in the real world that is not always the case. Some reasons could be greed, entering into a contract with a personal agenda which is not in line with their client’s best interests, being offered a better deal halfway through and switching their focus, or plain incompetence. Whatever the reason, those that have been wronged have a right for their affairs to be set right.

A remedy for such situations often involves a breach of fiduciary responsibility attorneys. The most efficient of these specialists have a thorough knowledge of both the financial and legal aspects of these types of cases. A professional who is both a certified CPA and a lawyer is uniquely suited to resolve such disputes.

In addition to having the necessary qualifications, it is important to hire an attorney/CPA who has experience in working is the physical area where a breach of fiduciary duty occurred. If a wrongful taking or an unjust enrichment took place in Dallas, TX, it wouldn’t make much sense to hire an Illinois attorney to bring the case to court. Regulations among states, even counties differ, sometimes in key aspects, and it’s beneficial for the plaintiff to hire someone who is well versed in the laws and statutes that apply to the particular region where the crime took place. With corporate or tax-related issues that fall under federal jurisdiction, an attorney/CPA familiar with national regulations would be an ideal fit. Bufkin Law Firm serves Dallas and the surrounding communities.